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When a company grows, its functions undergo stark changes. What is even more interesting is to see how the relations between employees alter as more people are recruited. If your company too is expanding, it is time you think about how you should organize yourselves physically in your physical space.

The seating arrangement has a great potential in boosting the efficiency and productivity of the workforces. The office design layout of any workplace is a prominent element in influencing the outcomes of the organisation. A good physical structure allows things to flow seamlessly whereas a poor structure makes for a slippery stage.

Experts who study office designs and office psychology recommend that companies should prudently ponder over seating arrangements in their workplace. According to Christian Catalini, an assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, if a company wants to nurture their employee’s focus and efficiency, then the team must be grouped department wise, but if the organisation wants creativity and innovation, then mixing the employees would be a preferable option.

Now let’s move forward to looking at the four must-have seating arrangements for your modern office design to make your company’s future brighter:

a. The Closer – For critical one-on-one discussions, informal interviews, sales meetings and more, having two large chairs facing each other makes for the perfect seating arrangement. With this kind of seating office design, you can simply reduce the external distractions. And don’t be amazed when you are able to seal close deals more quickly and efficiently in this seating arrangement.

b. The Focus Group – At times when meeting the deadlines seem impossible, such a kind of seating arrangement will enable a small group to decide, plan and execute the possible next steps in the right manner. Have strategically designed and placed couches, cosy chairs and work tables. A small meeting place for a group of four to six employees will help the team in creating spur-of-the-moment creativity and problem-solving ideas.

c. The Soloist – A seating arrangement in your office design that takes you away from all the interruptions and disturbances is rare to find but easy to create. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and implement the Soloist seating arrangement in your modern office design plan. A Soloist is a seat such as a chair that provides privacy armours by means of acoustic flaps, walls or enclosures. Believe it or not, it is one of the truly desired luxuries in a workplace.

d. The Boundless Office Space – These days, flexible office designs are in vogue. Seating with a mix of diverse kinds of furniture pieces but still synced in colour, style and fashion is the way to go. The types of furniture that can be part of this arrangement are bean bags, adjustable chairs, open workstations, and more.

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Don’t forget! An amalgamation of art and science is needed in creating seating arrangement in a contemporary commercial office design plan. Provide your workforce with a convenient space to work, so that in return, they can give productivity and business expansion.

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