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We are one of the largest independent office services providers in British Columbia.

We are experts in Office Furniture Installations, Home Office Installations, Modular Walls, Office Moves & Decommissions

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Our mission is to be the leading independent office furniture installation company in the city, province, and country, providing service excellence to our clients, customers, and end users from initial interaction through project completion.

We strive to bring professionalism and recognition to our industry by setting new quality standards to become the first choice for customers.

We aim to continue growing our business in a rational and methodical manner while expanding the a diverse range of services provided to clients.

We prioritize creating a work environment where every employee/contractor feels valued and motivated to come to work each day, while ensuring everyone feels their opinions, concerns and ideas are heard and matter. Maintaining a passion for what we do, while ensuring that work feels fun & enjoyable rather than a chore.