Space You Share With Your Team Matters!

Think all you need to do to set your office is to equip your employees with the desks and computers? Well, think again! A study suggested that 79% of employees connected their surroundings to their job satisfaction. No wonder, the physical workspace is one of the most imperative elements of an office environment. So, if you have a small office space, it’s time to puff its chest out a little, make it look larger than it is.

Read on to learn some tips for maximising a small office space.

Put Function First

Dedicate the workspace to function. Begin with the basic essentials—the things that your employees absolutely will be incapable of working without. This list will include computers, chairs, and a large table to fit all of it.

The items in the ‘wish list’ including extra storage, spare desk space, specialized equipment, or additional monitors will not come in the category of essentials, but they can be kept separately until you have an idea for all the rest.

Things such as filing cabinets may be required by the employer on & off, which is why it’s a good idea to keep them in a storage room.

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“Clutter not only slows you down physically in a small office space, but mentally as well,” says Stegmeier Consulting Group, a globally recognised leader in workplace change management. After you’ve made a list of essentials, you must be left with some items that do not qualify as essentials. Say no to elephantine articles! For instance, go paperless and free up your cabinet space or switch to laptops rather than relying on bulky computers.

Adopt Light Colours; Focus on Lighting

Dark colours seem to take away most of your office space! A fresh code of light colour paint to the walls can brighten up your space. Research by the University of British Columbia proposes that blue and green help personnel stay calm and relaxed.

Shun table lamps as they fill vital area. Let the natural light come in! And if that is not possible, have recourse to recessed lighting or overhead downlighting.

Do Your Research & Be Inspired

If you do research on space saving workplace design ideas, you will easily create a space-efficient office. It’s no surprise that any office can seem bigger with smart furniture. One must be aware of featuring integral pieces of furniture sans having them suppress the overall feel of your office. You may consider talking to workplace furniture specialists who are experts in designing and furnishing office spaces to use all corners.

Welcome Flexible Work Spaces & Schedules

The perfect workspace should give people some privacy (for both alone and group work), but must also encourage collaboration. Apart from personal workstations, you can welcome breakout office spaces where employees can get together and converse strategies and team goals. Consider something as simple as a set of stackable table that can be reorganized into a large desk to improve collaboration and grant your team a more informal place to chat. Overall, this move will enhance the creativity of your office and make the workplace flexible.

Don’t let the increasing manpower make your office unbreathable. Introduce varying shifts or a mandatory work-from-home policy for your team.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Workplace

We spend half of our day at work. And so, it can be said that office becomes our second home in our adult lives. This is why it is all the more important to create a space that is warm, welcoming and feels like home. Indeed, this can make a big difference to your sense of wellbeing and job satisfaction. Bright cushions, plants or framed photos can definitely do the trick.

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