The secret of a successful office move lies in planning. With proper planning and preparation, hassle-free office relocation is achievable. Here is a step-by-step guide that will make your office relocation as easy as pie.

The process starts with finding a new location, which matches the companies’ requirements and ends with the clean-up crew at both the locations, old and new. With the right approach, the task of office moving can be completed on time and on budget.

1.Plan your Move

plan-your-moveOffice moving is just like moving into a new household. It is important that you plan it 6-12 months ahead of time. Your first step should be to prepare an office moving checklist with a timeline. Plan out all the phases with comprehensive details, involve your employees and assign tasks to all. Also, when you are planning your move, it is important to determine the printing materials that will require a change of address. Moreover, engage stakeholders in the moving process.

2. Make a Budgetary Move

Prepare two budget checklists, one for relocation and the other for the new office. Avoid taking the cheap route to save money. Involve your finance managers or hire professional help to avoid making mistakes. The budget should include costs of occupancy, insurance, new furniture, printing, marketing, etc. Moving means fewer days of non-operation, so you must plan for the downtime.

3. Accessible Communication is Necessary

Make a separate communication plan which should provide regular updates to the staff, clients or customers about your moving plan. Relocation can leave the staff anxious and stressed, so keep everybody involved. You can use multiple ways of communicating such as face-to- face communication, email and social media to stay in touch with everyone. You can also publish a newsletter regarding your office relocation for your customers. Communication should go hand-in-hand with the relocation plan.

4. Engage your IT team First

computers-officeThe IT team should be a well-coordinated and well-managed team. Engaging it first in the moving process is a crucial task. The IT team manages all the systems, which enables the productivity. It connects employees and customers to the company. The IT team should prepare its checklist. It should handle all; the power point connections, computer systems, telephone connections, servers, printers and a backup generator.

5. Pack your Electronics Carefully

Make a backup of your data in an external hard drive or cloud. Then, before disconnecting your devices note the way all the wires and cables are installed. Further, use the manual for carefully packing all the electronic devices. Double check for discs and pen drives. Tie all chords for a device together and label them with a colored tape. Don’t forget to keep chargers for all your devices. Keep warranties and user manual for each and every device at one place with a colored label.

6. Sketch your floor plan

floor-plan-movingSketch your floor plan with your professional helpers and department heads for the new office location. Plan it in a very methodical and practical manner. Workstations, equipment centers, conference rooms, kitchen, washroom, fixtures and other spaces should be planned accordingly. Choose a color scheme based on the kind of work you do and also ensure environmental compliances.

7. On the D-day

Take a thorough walk with your contractor before settling in the new location. Put the cleaning team at work on both sites, new as well as old. Further, make sure that the IT team’s job has been done before hand and that all the new furniture has been moved into the new office. Schedule for a security meeting. At last, go through your checklist.

And don’t forget to arrange for a MOVE IN PARTY!


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