Getting Recommendations

Verily the first step when you decide to hire a mover would be to shortlist a few names of movers and packers that have a good reputation for their job. You could get recommendations from friends who’ve been through the process, or from the internet- our go-to for everything. Read reviews and feedbacks, that should give you a fair idea about the goof movers around your area.

Conduct a Screening of your Own

Review Analyze Evaluate Assess Speedometer 3d Illustration

Review Analyze Evaluate Assess Recommendations

Once you have a few names shortlisted, you can further narrow down by going to the websites of each of these and reading the kind of services they provide. You may also correspond over the phone and get a sense of how much the particular mover will work for you. Go over their service charges after describing how much work you need to get done.

Making and Comparing Notes

Once you’ve corresponded with all of the shortlisted movers, you need to take note of how far each of them is from your residential/commercial space, compare their service charges, other facilities or equipment they make available for packing and moving, and most importantly, how reliable you find their team. Once these estimates are collected, you will find yourself much closer to deciding on a mover.

Finalizing the Deal

Once decided upon your mover, it’s ideal to visit their office once to reassure that everything is the way you want it. It is also very important that you give them a fair idea of your list of requirements such as what kind of articles are to be moved, what distance are they supposed to go to, how many trips back and forth will be needed, how the delicate objects must be packed and labeled etc. Once the day and time is fixed, a new set of tasks awaits you.

Categorizing your Stuff

Pile Of Brown Cardboard Boxes With House Or Office Goods

Pile of brown cardboard boxes with labels

It is best to be extremely planned and organized when shifting. It reduces the chances of breakage and misplacing. It is ideal if the movers you hire pack all your furniture separately, all glassware in a different section and smaller objects in separate boxes. All of these articles are very different in nature and each requires a very different method and technique of packing. Small objects ted to get lost easily, thus must always be put together in closed boxes. Do not forget!

Unpacking, Damage Repair and Installation

Girl-collector Of Furniture

Inexperienced Little girl assembling furniture

Just getting your stuff to your new place does not end the process! It is always advised to hire movers who also include as part of their work the job of repair and installation. Make sure that the movers you hire are trained and equipped for installation, as well as extend services to repair appliances, gadgets and other pieces of wood or glass furniture that may have become subjected to damage or wear-and-tear during the cumbersome process of shifting.

The Crew Office Services in North Vancouver excels at the art of perfect, trouble-free moving. They relocate your office spaces with minimal hassle, also offering services of repair and installation at your new commercial space.

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