Any clever business person will know that an effective office design is a powerful tool – promoting productivity, employee satisfaction and overall office flow. Check out these 5 office trends in 2017 that are changing the way we do business.

Integrated Technology Designs

New technologies are constantly improving the way business is made. With this, it is only logical to design your office to adapt to this.  

Some examples are the switch from computers to tables – making employees increasingly more mobile. Wireless charging docs and shared display options on devisees to help promote collaboration.

Another exciting technological advancement is LiFi, a new source of internet that uses light to transfer wireless information instead of radio waves. This has the potential to increase internet speeds 100 times! Also, it being light makes the signal restricted by walls, preventing hackers cracking into important files.

New Generation Adaptability

The upcoming generations will have a huge impact on the upcoming work force. Generation Z, anyone born between 1994-2010, and generation X, anyone born between 1980s-mid 2000s, will dominate the workplace in the next 5 years.

Because of this, companies are looking to make their office designs more millennial-friendly. Two common values generation Z and X have is their need for a sense of purpose and sense of working for the greater good.

Business Culture Centered Design

A well thought out office design is crucial to a successful business because it helps portray the businesses values and personality. The physical environment is not only a place to work but it tells a story to the employees and the customers.

Two culture centered trends in 2017 are the move to more transparent and team driven offices. Smart businesses are pushing to move from the old cubical, productivity driven office designs to a more communal oriented work space.

Exposure to Nature

Another popular trend that is on the rise is the increase of natural elements. Having to work eight hours straight, inside is mentally taxing. By adding more exposure to plants, sunlight, air, and colours, businesses are working to improve office conditions.

Studies show that having a workplace designed to incorporate more natural element both benefits employees physical and psychological health

nature inspired office design

nature inspired office design. Image source:

Productive and Healthy Employees

The last, 2017 design trend is centered around productive and healthy employees. These two terms go hand and hand. If works are happy and healthy, they’ll be more productive.

Some upcoming trends are implementing sit/stand desks, giving employees access to books and gym memberships and designing rooms for both introverted and extroverted workers. Making these small changes will greatly increase the happiness of employees – resulting in less staff turnover and more passionate workers.

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