Movers Vancouver

Movers Vancouver

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Hiring Office Movers in Vancouver:
Mistake #1: Hiring the first moving company you come across online. It’s a common misconception that the first or second results to come up in a search engine search are the ones with the most experience or notoriety. The fact is, those first results are typically the ones with the biggest budget for marketing. If you’re looking for reputable office movers in Vancouver, consider giving us a call at The Crew to discuss your upcoming relocation. We’ll sit down with your team to discuss your objectives and create a moving plan that is tailored to meeting your needs- period.

Mistake #2: Not spending enough time researching your prospects. Let’s face it- any moving company can claim they can pull off a complicated office move. The proof is in their past results, and you’ll find them by looking on directories and review sites that offer unbiased testimonials, such as Yelp, Google, and several others. Feel free to type our name into the search bar of your preferred review website to see how we measure up to our competition. You’ll find us to be a welcomed respite among the numerous moving companies that shy away from large and complex office moves.

Mistake #3: Hiring office movers in Vancouver who only offer a single service. We get a lot of phone calls from clients who tell us they’ve been dissatisfied with the configuration of their operations and are looking to improve on their employee performance and productivity. We appreciate the opportunity to use our skills in reconfiguration of office furniture and equipment to enhance and streamline operations in our clients’ work spaces. If you inherited someone else’s dysfunctional work space and are moving to a new facility where the sky it the limit, we’ll be happy to assess your equipment and floor plan to create a work environment that will better meet your needs.

Mistake #4: Trying to cut corners and save money during an office move. This is one time when trying to save a few dollars will not pay off. A complex office relocation is contingent upon finding a company that is able to bring to the table the resources, expertise and skill necessary to pull off the logistics of a multi-process move. Do you really want to leave all of that to chance? Nine out of ten movers in the Vancouver area will tell you they would prefer not to manage your office move- that’s got to tell you something about the dedication that is necessary to take on your relocation. When considering cost, make sure to factor in much more than just the bottom line in what you’ll pay.

Call on The Crew to speak with the most experienced office movers in Vancouver. Feel free to take a look through our project gallery to see the kind of results you can expect when you hire us for your upcoming move. We have the equipment, experience and knowledge to ensure you are completely satisfied with the time-table of your move. Call us to speak with a specialist now.

Movers Vancouver
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